My Bullet Journal Journey

How many of you have a bullet journal or have thought about getting one? I stumbled upon the wonderful world of BuJos back in May and was instantly engrossed in this new world. If you don’t know what I am talking about you can get the basic run down from the original creator of the bullet journal here.


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While this approach is very simplistic the basics are what makes this method so great when it comes to planning your day and even life. When pulling up a quick search on Pinterest of “bullet journal” you will quickly learn that there are many versions Continue reading


Organizing My Spices

I really like to keep things as organized as possible. It seems that life can be so much more simple if everything has a place and you know where it is. With that in mind my spice cabinet was driving me crazy. I would have to pull almost everything out just to get to one spice sometimes. I had enough.

So, I set out onto pinterest for some good ideas. I ended up finding an idea of storing my spices in a mason jar and of course I was going to label them all pretty!

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Nautical Master Bathroom

I recently re-did our master bathroom with a nautical theme. I feel like bathrooms need decoration too! They are so underrated sometimes! This brought a lot of fun into our bathroom and it isn’t just a boring room in our house any more.

Most of these things are from Target or Hobby Lobby. Basically my two favorite stores. Fairly good in price too! That is always a plus.

The first thing I got were the shower curtains. Even though we have a glass door on our shower I feel that shower curtains can add so much character. So I picked up two of these from Target and a new shower rod and I leave them open like curtains. Continue reading

Cleaning Printable

To go along with the daily planner I created over in this post here is the cleaning printable I created and use frequently to keep my house in check. It works like a charm and keep my appliances working like new with the reminder for the cleaning of them.

Since I have lots of animals, Fridays became kind of my animal day where I kept them clean along with all of their things. Of course these can all be changed to work to your life.


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