Hi! I am Quincy Picard!


A wife, stay at home momma,graphic designer, addict to pinterest, cook, and gamer. This blog is all about the things that I love. You’ll find a bunch of random posts that include my photography, my recipies, things that I have tried on Pinterest, occasional rants, some design pieces done by me, mom life, and maybe even some game reviews or thoughts. Enjoy living life creatively!

IMG_3978 pp

I am married to an amazing man who continues to push me to follow my dreams. We live in California and have a daughter, 4 dogs (one dane is not featured in the above picture) and 3 cats…..yes, we are one of THOSE families…..you know the ones with a million animals that everyone thinks is crazy! That’s us….The Picards.

Our newest addition to the family is our beautiful daughter Piper Jo. She was born in October of 2017. Here’s to figuring out this parenting thing as we go!

Our Children With Paws!
Duke – Springer Spaniel King Charles Toy Mix

Annabelle – English Bulldog
Lily – Great Dane
Lukas – Great Dane

If you would like to get in touch with me fill this out! I will get back to you!


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