Fallout 4 …. My Review

Who here has played Fallout 4 from Bethesda? Anyone? If you haven’t, you really should give it a try.

fallout-4Fallout 4

As many of you know I am an avid gamer. And for those of you who don’t know that….I am an avid gamer. Now you know! 😉 I am even listing to the video game station on Pandora Radio as I am writing this now! Side note, I love listening to video game music or film scores when working. It always makes me more productive! So maybe you’re not a gamer but maybe you could get into the film scores, give it a try sometime on Pandora Radio. You will not be disappointed in your productivity!

Bethesda happens to be one of my favorite companies creating games. I always love their games. I got hooked on their Elder Scrolls Series long ago and now I MUST play every game they bring out! If you have never played any games from the Elder Scrolls Series, I highly recommend them! Pick any one really. They are all fantastic! Check out one of my favorites here at GameStop. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This link is to a PS3 version but the game was so popular they are bringing out a special edition for the PS4 and XBOX ONE. Personally, I am a Playstation girl but to each their own. Check out the Special Edition set to come out 10/28/2016. I’m so excited for it! Even though I have already played Skyrim a million times over. I still love it!

Just some notes on how I review things. These are all my own opinions. I am in no way a professional game reviewer. I don’t take notes when I game for my reviews like many do. I play through the game as a gamer and thoroughly enjoy the game and when I review I just look back at my overall experience. You may not have the same opinions as I do and that is totally fine. My hope is to bring someone new to the gaming world or have them step out of their gaming comfort zone because it really is a lot of fun to be temporarily transported into another world, much like reading.

Back to Fallout 4….and my review. If you’d like to pick up a copy you can do so here at GameStop.

I really enjoyed this game. Fallout 4 is an open world game. I still have a few miscellaneous missions here and there and a few places left to explore but I finished the majority of the game. This was my favorite Fallout game so far. Something about Fallout 3 I just couldn’t get into. This game however, I was deep into it right away. The main storyline is gripping and tugs on the heart strings from the very beginning. I must commend the writers of the game because it was genius in my opinion. I don’t want to go too in depth at the risk of SPOILERS….(as River Song would say) (If you don’t understand that reference….pick up some Doctor Who and get yourself educated!). The game features a parent (you get to choose male or female as your main character) searching for their child in the wasteland. I will not divulge how the wasteland become…well…the wasteland and I won’t give up too much more of the story line. The Main story lines offers different endings depending on the choices you make in the game which is one of my favorite types.

113223b1Fallout 4

You get companions in this game which is something that was not as readily available in the others. You can also choose to go it alone if you prefer. You get the option of many different companions each with their own special advantages. Personally, I used Nick Valentine the most. I loved his old school comments and i utilized his advanced hacking skill relentlessly until I could get my character’s hacking skill up to a higher level. Each companion offers a special Perk to be added to your character if you get your relationship levels up high enough with them. Some are minor while others, like MacCready’s Killshot Perk which gives you an extra 20% accuracy in the VATS system Head shots, are very useful. You also get some good side missions from each companion so try to play with them all for a while to pick up those extra perks and side missions.

Fallout+4+Wanderer+trailerFallout 4 – Early Companions

Settlements is also a new addition to the Fallout franchise. I personally love the settlements. I believe for most it is either a love or hate kind of thing. You are introduced to settlements by starting the Minutemen Quests early on in the game. You can choose to wait to advance them and gain more settlements or you can jump right in. If you were to ask me I would say wait a little bit until you get a good build up of junk in your workshop because most of the items you need to build to keep a settlement happy will add up in resources quickly. There was a time where I had no cloth, about 15-20 settlements, and each place needed more beds for the people there. My happiness plummeted in each settlement because I could not get that cloth fast enough for those beds. I eventually got it back up though. For the people who were not very interested in the settlements, you might find my lack of cloth problem not really a problem at all but for those of us who really enjoy the settlements….you understand my pain! Settlements give you basically unlimited creativity, especially if you purchase any of the add ons for the game which all add many more settlement options to the workshop. I didn’t get too overly creative with mine but there are some people out there who were seriously crazy about it. Sanctuary Hills became my home hub spot. All my settlements had a supply line connected to it and that is where I would do any of my junk dumping and what not. The settlement quests did get quite repetitive after a while though but I suppose that is the point of radiant quests.

Fo4_Sanctuary_Hills_OverviewSanctuary Hills Settlement

Another thing I really enjoyed was the armor, weapon, and power suit crafting/upgrading. I could upgrade my gear and get it exactly how I wanted it without having to spend a fortune at those little shops. Speaking of those little shops, did anyone else set up a market in their main settlement? I had a market in Sanctuary Hills which i used every single time I popped back into that settlement. A really nice convenience in my opinion.

maxresdefaultMajor Kudos To The Person Who Built This Santurary Hills Market

The new Perk system was perfect in my opinion. I loved having it all combined with the little pictures instead of two separate systems like in the previous Fallouts. I found the perk system fun to use and just plain fun to look at. The little animations each perk did was awesome.

maxresdefault perksCheck out the perk system explained in this awesome YouTube video.

The graphics of the game were fantastic for such a large open world game. You can see that for yourself in the images above. Detail was added just about everywhere to make an beautiful game and gaming experience overall.

The gameplay was challenging at times which made it even more fun because a good challenge every now and then is good for you. 😉

The music added a nice accompaniment to the gameplay and during your times traveling the world. I didn’t always run with my radio on to hear the classical radio and so on but I did have them on in my settlements. Plus, you still got to enjoy some music in tense fighting times.

The cinematic were good. There were only a couple real cinematic and they were mainly the beginning and end of the story but they were enjoyable. nicely put together and thought out to really pair well with the actual story line of the main game. Although I do wish there were a couple more big cinematic scenes.

Graphics: 10
Music: 8
Cinematics: 7
Story: 10
Content: 8
Controls: 10
Gameplay: 9


Bottom Line: I really enjoyed this game and would recommend it to anyone…I mean ANYONE!

Do you have any games you would like to talk about or try? Let me know below!


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