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Nautical Master Bathroom

I recently re-did our master bathroom with a nautical theme. I feel like bathrooms need decoration too! They are so underrated sometimes! This brought a lot of fun into our bathroom and it isn’t just a boring room in our house any more.

Most of these things are from Target or Hobby Lobby. Basically my two favorite stores. Fairly good in price too! That is always a plus.

The first thing I got were the shower curtains. Even though we have a glass door on our shower I feel that shower curtains can add so much character. So I picked up two of these from Target and a new shower rod and I leave them open like curtains. The hooks I got are adorable and look like little sailor buttons. I also got these from Target. I have 2 hooks actually that I alternated but I can’t find the link for the second one.


The next thing I did but hang up some wall art. I created these Nautical Themed Printables, framed them, and hung them up. I also bought an piece from Target that has an octopus on it.


I created a couple wall hanging shelved to sit above the toilet which I put little trinkets on. Most of these things were found from Hobby Lobby.


I also bought some rope and wrapped it around a jar to keep with the nautical theme and we keep our q-tips in it on the counter. That was super easy. All it took was the rope and a hot glue gun.


Do you guys have any cool themed bathrooms or beautifully decorated rooms? Share with us!



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